Put your Yoga Classes online with a paid subscription

We have developed a system where you can film your classes, load it onto Vimeo and make it available via a page on the web on a paid subscription basis.

You can charge weekly or monthly subscriptions for your students to access your classes.


– Have a page that explains the system to your students (as shown below)
– Have a page on the web with a library of videos of your classes (as shown below)
– Build up an online library of your classes by adding new ones each week
– Viewers pay a subscription – weekly, monthly or annually
– Secure payments direct to your bank account using Stripe or into your PayPal account
– The system utilises Vimeo Pro account allows for approx 2×90 min classes per week (costs you approx $120 per year) larger plans are available
(click images to view larger versions)

Sample webpage to promote the service

Sample of Class Library page


– Video footage of your classes – using video camera or phone (we are currently testing some inexpensive camera & lighting options)
– You may need a simple video compression app ($5)
– A Stripe or Paypal account (free – payments are less their small commissions for processing)
– A Vimeo Pro account (costs you approx $120 per year)


Original setup $950 + gst one off set-up fee
Ongoing hosting fee $120 per quarter
Ongoing Vimeo account costs $120 per year
We help you though the process of signing up for payments or use your exisiting Paypal or Stripe account.
You give us the login for your Vimeo account and we adjust all the settings required for you so you simply have to upload your videos.
Your webpages can have the same look and feel as your exisiting site (but you don’t need an exisiting website to use this system)
The system uses WordPress so you can easily add videos, edit and add content to your pages.
You also have a full admin to keep track of your subscribers.

Here’s how it works

– You open a Stripe or Paypal account to collect your payments – no cost here
– You open a Vimeo account to upload your videos to – upgrade it to a Plus account (approx $120pa)
– Pass both these log-in on to us and we will look after to configuration for you
(you can change your passwords after this if you wish)
– We will register a domain name eg something like myyogasclassesonline.com.au or similar
– We will set up a stand alone website with the required pages to run the system, house your videos and collect your payments
– You upload your video to Vimeo (1 or 2 per week for the “Pro” Vimeo account)
your videos are hidden from the internet in general, they cannot be downloaded or posted anywhere except for your website
– You have full access to your webpages to add the videos – a simple copy & paste process
– Promote your site however you wish
– Your visitors go to your site – join as a “Subscriber”
– They can join as weekly, monthly, annually – whatever timeframe you wish
– They make their payments and get an email receipt
– They are given instant access to your “Video Library”
– When the subscription ends the system generates an renewal invoice for your customer to renew

Contact me, Brett Stephenson, by phone 02 6687 5140 or email brett@smartarts.com.au if you have any questions.


The system is only new and constantly evolving – I will add more info here as it comes to hand.

File sizes of videos for Vimeo
As an example of file size a 90 min class filmed on an iPhone is somewhere between 2 and 5 gigabytes in size. See below for info on file compression to make your file smaller.
It is important to try to keep the file size of your video quite small – the Vimeo Plus account allows 5 gigabytes of uploads per week . The cost of a Plus account is $120 per year (paid in advance)
If you plan to have more than one or two classes a week you may need to opt for a Vimeo plan that has more storage & upload limits – you can see other Vimeo plans costs here

How many videos can I have in my Class Library?
The Vimeo Plus account allows 5gb uploads per week and up to 250gb storage space per year – so you can have a years worth of once or twice a week classes – so 50 to 100 x 90min classes.
If you wish to have more than this see the link to other Vimeo plans above.

How do I make my video a smaller file size?
There is an iPhone app called iCompress (click here for details)- for only $2.99 that does a great job – with its standard setting it can turn a 5gb file into around 2.9gb file with only a slight drop in quality.
Here is some video compression information for Android users
There are many other options for Video editing and compression software eg iMovie or Windows Video Editor both of which come free with your computers operating system.

What’s the best way to video my class?
Video Camera
If you have a video camera & are used to producing videos you should be ok – you may need to experiment with camera settings to get the best quality with the smallest file size.
You can also use your computers built in webcam though quality varies depending on your computer.
iPhone & Android
You can film your class with an iPhone or Android – Use the apps mentioned above to reduce the size of your file. You will need enough room in your phones memory to store the video (once uploaded you can transfer to your computer or store it on a hard drive & remove it from your phone) You will need your phone connected to a power supply whilst filming as video uses quite a lot of battery power.

A word about lighting?
It is important that you have good lighting – best if you are front lit so that you are not in silhouette – filming outdoors is good but remember to make sure you are lit from the front.
There are some quite inexpensive video lighting rigs on Ebay for example these lights

How do I upload to Vimeo?
Once you open your Vimeo account we will go an and adjust the setting so all you need to do is upload your file – this can be easily done from your computer or directly from your phone using the Vimeo App or iPhone or Android

How are my videos kept from being shared on the web?
We use advanced settings so that you Video file will only be available via your website – they will not appear on Vimeo or Youtube, they cannot be displayed on another site or posted into social media accounts and they cannot be downloaded. The only way they can be viewed is via your Class Library and only by those with a current subscription.

How does the subscription work?
We use WordPress and specialised software to set up your subscription payments system. You can charge whatever you wish for your subscriptions and do it weekly, monthly or annually.
The payment can go to your PayPal account or you can use Stripe to have the payment go directly into your bank account.
There are also options to offer free trail periods and discount vouchers to let you students sample the classes for a few days.
Once a students subscription ends they can no longer access the video until they renew. The system automatically sends them an email when its time to renew.

Contact me, Brett Stephenson, by phone 02 6687 5140 or email brett@smartarts.com.au if you have any questions.