Getting Started

Ok  what do I need to do?

Simply contact us, pay your depsosit and we will get the ball rolling by registering your domain name eg
(the yearly registration cost included in your package)

What do I need to supply?

You can email all your info to us or supply it on a DVD or CD rom.

Word or txt documents are fine for the text for your pages.

Images as jpg files
(if you have large images from a camera you may need to put them on DVD and post them)

Visit our image library and choose some photos from there if you wish.
(we will send you details of how to get access to these)

Then what happens?

We get started on your site & create all the pages for you including setting the main images for your chosen theme.

Once this is ready we give you a link to take a look and request any tweaks or changes & the site can then go live.

We give you your own log-in details of where to go to edit your pages anytime you like.

We have video help files available to help you learn the system.

Or , if you opted for full management we will do any changes for you free of charge*



* as per the Full Management Agreement